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Synapse- Azalea is a premium, privately owned center for psychological medicine, located at Kado-Abuja. Azalea is a branch of synapse services, the largest private provider of mental health care services in West Africa. Azalea renders evidence-based and comprehensive services for substance use disorder/Addiction rehabilitation, and psychological health conditions.

At Azalea, we offer services in substance use disorder/ addiction rehabilitation and mental health conditions. In addition, we also offer services in trauma and stress related problem (resulting from sexual abuse, overwhelming emotional distress from loss/ bereavement etc.), Child & Adolescent mental health and School mental health. We provide both in-patient and out-patient care in an environment where privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Our goal is to deliver world class psychological services to our clients’ at the most affordable rate in a serene environment, thereby promoting recovery and wellness. We deliver the best in class psychological services that is comparable to what is obtainable in western and developed world. Our multidisciplinary clinical team are made up of highly skill Psychiatrist, Clinical psychologists, Mental health nurses, Pharmacist, Occupational/ Art therapist who treat all our service users with warmth, empathy and human dignity.


To provide high quality, holistic and cost effective private psychiatric and drug rehabilitation service of the highest professional standard in Africa with strict adherence to confidentiality


To aid in drastically reducing the scourge of stigmatization of mentally ill persons in Africa, thus responding to the various needs of stakeholders.

Core Values

* Relationships based on integrity
* Achieving customer satisfaction
* Leadership in our field
* Constant innovation
* Honesty at all levels.

Who do we manage?

At Synapse Azalea, we manage the following:

Individuals who have mental illnesses such as: Depression, Bipolar disorder, Anxiety disorders, Schizophrenia, Personality disorders, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Learning disorders etc.
Individual with Alcohol and Substance related problems
Individuals who have gone through trauma (sexual abuse, rape, family disharmony) and trauma related disorder (Acute stress traction, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Adjustment disorder).